BARCELONA, mi amor

If you are going to Paris you find romanticism, going to Milano means a lot of shopping, visiting London besides rain, you will be experiencing the freedom in every possible way,  Lisbon is about history, but Barcelona has it all, hasn’t it? 

Doesn’t matter your relationship status, if you are part of the book of faces, if you are linked in or followed, here there has to be a place for you, your desires and your dreams.

Searching for adventure, crowdedness, calmness, fashionable, different or unique places the breeze of the Mediterranean sea would definitely have an answer for you and will be the resort of your imagination. But let’s take into consideration this special, lovely day of Valentine and trying to get it further away of being transformed in a cliche.

In Barcelona if you are not into it, there is no problem cause no one will try to force you to eat sweets, linsten to romantic music or have in front of your eyes only red roses and hearts. But if you believe that Valentine’s day is just another great “excuse” for celebrating LOVE.

You can talk about Barcelona in every way and especiallly, everything, because you could find everything here, even LOVE combined with “sangre caliente”…and here it goes the firework! Even if you have been in other beautiful cities of Europe, Barcelona is on top. No where else you will find this stylish mixture of eras, people, cultures and languages. The city of all the possibilities, the place where everyone can find some space for love, cause Barcelona is THE CITY.

Laying on the beach or admiring the mountain, Barcelona is more then an art sanctuary, having a big “+” through the buildings which are reflecting the architectural vanguard. It also can offer you a modern evening out in clubs and bars, a lot of museums and let’s not remember in the LOVE DAY about how the passion for football can be satisfied.

P.S.: If you’re not in love, don’t panic…you’ll fall in love with Barcelona in a minute!
P.S.2: In case that you want to buy a nice gift like a flat or a beautiful apartment don’t hesitate to contact us?

Happy V-day to you all,
Casamona Team.

Andreea Jugaru


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At Casamona International we work hard every day to earn our reputation of excellence, so we can always offer you professional and personal attention in all aspects of buying and selling and renting your home with Casamona.
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One Response to BARCELONA, mi amor

  1. Maria says:

    I love this article :).It’s very true that you can fall in love with sangre caliente or ,in general,with Barcelona .Doesen’t matters if you are in a relationship or single ,this city will make you to forget your status 😀 .Well done ,AJ.

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