Gaudi’s creation- Barcelona

When you first get to Barcelona you know for sure that it is not going to be the last time (in case that after you breath the fresh air of the Mediteranean Sea the breeze will make you think seriously about moving here).

Barcelona is full of the things that you must see, have, taste, feel, get to know…and the list can continue. It is not a surprise that Barcelona amazes from the first moment with its architecture filled of decorations and the attention on each detail.

Due to the work of Gaudi, Barcelona’s beloved son, the architect who designed this city giving it a special, mysterious and funny air at the same time. Visiting the spanish city means discovering gradualy Gaudi’s genius, who highlighted through the design cathedral, parks and even homes.Between the houses that have Gaudi’s signiture, the most famous and impressive are la “La Pedrera” and “House Batlló”. Located at 10 minutes by walking one form each other, both are opened for visitors, having the possibility of the complete tour ended on the strange roofs which are offering a splendid view of Barcelona. In “La Pedrera” is opened for the public a whole apartment, showing the proof of how Gaudi harmoniously combined the usefulness with pleasures.

Next you must take a walk though the Guell Park, the largest Gaudi’s creation in Barcelona. The garden mixes several elements of art and architecture, giving to the tourists a lot of surprises. And perhaps at the end, the best to visit in Sagrada Familia, when you are already familiar with Gaudi’s unique and unusual style, to fully enjoy the fineness of details. Every corner of Sagrada is revels amazing surprises, being different on each side of it. Gaudi was 31 years old when he accepted to make Sagrada Familia and spent a lifetime on this enormous project, leaving his imagination and creativity to touch unusual territories for a religious building. The cathedral is still unfinished, but an entire tour of it is necessary. But Barcelona doesn’t reach its limit here! Stay tuned!

P.S.: If every city would have had a Gaudi, the earth would be now the heaven! If every city would have a Casamona, the world would be unique and different!

Andreea Jugaru


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