Barcelona’s flavour

Which would be the first thing to try when you get in a new city? A place to stay probably, but Casamona can easly solve this problem, as we can provide you all thing of apartments and flats to rent/buy. So, problem solved!

 Further, it would the the touristic part, and as you know already, Barcelona is one of the most beautiful city in the world and it looks like Gaudi’s and Picasso’s creation. Barcelona’s amazing colorful scene shouldn’t distract you form its excellent kitchen.

The city boasts an impressive culture of food, drinks and the art of conversation with long lunches and dinners late in the night, with a stunning range of solutinon for spending your time, from large and fashionable brasseries in the center to the tiny bars in the neighborhood. There are restaurants for all tastes, budgets and occasions, with specialties from around the world.
There is no “spanish national cuisine”, but you can try various local specialties, including Galician and Basque. Most restaurants serve regional kitcken, la Cunia Catalan – Mediterranean style of cooking with bold flavors, baked in the sun. The main ingredients of traditional Catalan dishes are olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, pepper, eggplant, squash and herbs, which, when mixed, form samfaina a delicious sauce that is very common, being served with many kinds of meat and fish. Other known sauces are romesco (nuts, tomatoes and paprika) and allioli (mayonnaise with garlic).
If you like seafood, here you can find an adiction to it, form simple grilled sardines to the most consistent sarsuela (seafood stew). Catalan cuisine is unique in Spain through its mixture of fish and meat, such as exotic “sepia amb mondoguilles” and “mar i cel” (sea and sky) – a combination of sauces, rabbit meat, shrimp and fish.
The most famous Catalan dessert is Catalan cream (Crem e Brulee).  These dishes are accompanied by an excellent varieties of local wine, Penedes and cavas (sparkling wines). But where could you dinner? Barri Gothic and Gracia are full of small restaurants with local cuisine and reasonable prices. Rambla is also perfect and attactive for tourists.  For example, La Ribera, El Born and lately El Raval, here you can find excellent tapas bars and many bistros with a cozy atmosphere, candles and trendy brasseries. For dishes based on seafood, head to Port Olympic district or for specific fish, La Barceloneta. Here you cand find us too!:) @Casamona Team
Andreea Jugaru

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At Casamona International we work hard every day to earn our reputation of excellence, so we can always offer you professional and personal attention in all aspects of buying and selling and renting your home with Casamona.
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  1. This is what i need. Miedzynarodowy transport zwlok slask, to jest to. grat effort.

  2. anemona says:

    yammmyyyyy! have to try all of these

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