BARCELONA- designed to be touristic

It is not a surprise that is one of the most visited cities in Europe, Barcelona was designed to be a touristic place. Very well organized, starting with the transportation system and continuing with countless hotels, restaurants and terraces, Barcelona offers to the waves of tourists at least one hundred reasons to spend their money to a vacation here. Barcelona is full of historic and modernist buildings, cathedrals, museums, parks and flea markets. There are so many things to see, that you should book at least two weeks for visiting. I can not include everything in one article, so you just have to give a run to be convinced. 
The old town (the seaport) offers points of interest especially in the Gothic neighborhood, where you can see cathedrals, Generalidad Royal Palace, Santa Maria del Mar, the Picasso Museum and many picturesque streets full of taverns which worth being crossed by foot.
The “new” city, systematized on the end of XIX century – the beginning of the XX century, is full of the well drawn streets and the “modernist” creations, which is giving an out of ordinary look, like coming in all other dimensions. The list of “not to be missed” includes: Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia (work of incomparable art), La Pedrera, the Sant Pau Hospital, Guell Palace, Palace of Catalan Music.
Obviously, you can not come to Barcelona without going to the beach. It’s a “must see, try”. Over all, La Rambla, “the most beautiful avenue in the world”, Guell Park (where entry is free), Montjuic Castle and its fountains, from where you can see the harbor and a great city panorama.
From the top of the castle you can see the industiral port. Here you can also visit the “Military Museum”. For the passionates it’s a delight to see that there are thousands of exhibits: crossbows, pistols, swords, military costumes etc..
And speaking of passions, near the Glories shopping center and the metro station, there can be found the flea market of Barcelona. 🙂
The fountains form Plaza Espana offers a spectacular scenery, which makes it full of tourists, especially at the end of a busy day, when everyone is choosing to rest here, listening to pleasant classical music.

Andreea Jugaru


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2 Responses to BARCELONA- designed to be touristic

  1. anemona says:

    you convinced me! it’s great 🙂

  2. miky says:

    I was searching for a place to spend my spring holidays and i’ve found this, it seems a little bit unreal but i’d love seing this city! I guess i will feel like visiting two worlds at the same time

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