THE CITY that has it all

As I told you already, once you get to Barcelona, you will always want to come back here. And I am not the only one who is saying this. Barcelona is giving you plenty of reasons to come back, to want more, to stay more, to live more, to dream and feel more. Part of the chapter “the more you get, the more you want”.

Here is what a tourist wrote especialy for our blog about THE CITY that has it all.

“I’ve been to Barcelona couple of times and unlike a lot of other cities i’ve been, i can never get tired of it. Barcelona is a mix of everything i always dreamed about. A city close to the sea, that never sleeps, with always something great to do, amazing long avenues, lots and lots of foreign people in every place you go, amazing weather keeping you away from foggy depressive days, the nice helpful people …

All the days i’ve spend in Barcelona i woke feeling like there was always somethign new to discover. A great park to visit, shopping in the long avenues, checking the street performers in Las Ramblas, getting a natural juice in the Mercat de la Boqueria.

The most important thing about Barcelona for me is that i always feel i could get a bit of the two worlds i like. The calm touch of the nature and coutryside spending calm time at the beach or in a park and the exciting rush feeling of a huge city with all the parties and wildness some urban person can desire. 

Barcelona was one of the few places where i actually felt like home being so far from my own place and that’s the reason i think one day I will move there and live there, perhaps forever.”

Special thanks to Antonio Araujo, the tourist!

Andreea Jugaru



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One Response to THE CITY that has it all

  1. anemona says:

    indeed Barcelona has it all, is the city, the city of everyting! I spent one of my best holiday there and i’dlove to come there! :X

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