Bright and Spacious 100 m2 appartment on the famous Plaza Reial. Ideal for a small family or couple.

This appartment is located in the heart of barcelona, on the historical square of Plaza Reial. The appartment, on the first floor of an antique building, is perfect for any small family or any couple who appreciate the spacious feeling it has.

The appartment itself displays a beautiful blend between the modern family houshold style and the old antique futures still to be found in the layout of the building as well as on the features on the wall, and the old floor with tiles with different appealing figures.
There is a small entry hall which is shared with the neighbours, which is ideal to store a bicycle or baby carriage. Entering the apartment you are directly able to apreciate the room and light of the apartment, with its high, decorative cealings and open kitchen.

The kitchen has a very practical layout, with all the Kitchen appliances a Home-Chef could need, and a seperate counter with the sink and room to prepare a dinner.
The living room has a balcony to a side street of Plaza Reial, and the windows and balcony doors are fitted with special ´silent´ windows, which completely keeps out all unwanted sound. From the living room there is a small corridor with a curved wall giving way to the rest of the appartment. 
There are 2 double bedrooms. On double bedroom with a window to the street, and the other with a balcony to the tranquil interior of the building block. Both bedrooms have large fans on the ceilings. There are 2 bathrooms, one with bath and one with large walk in shower.
Moreover, there is a loft covering the length of the appartment, which can be perfectly suitable to be used as a workspace or playground for the children.
Another great feature of this appartment is that there is flexibility in the division of the appartment. For example: if there is no need for a second bedroom, the living room can gain a great amount of volume if the wall between these two rooms is taken out.
Besides the balconies, there is also a very large communal terrace on the roof of the building, which has a great view and is perfect for a lunch with friends or a small party.

This appartment located ideally for anyone who likes to live in the absolute center of Barcelona. It is located on Plaza Reial, a square with a lot of history and fine art with influences from the famous artist Gaudi. The square is located on the corner of Carrer Ferran and La Rambla. With the metro stop Licue at just a 2 minute walking distance, and a steady stream of taxi´s and busses on La Rambla, transport is no concern.

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