Explore Bacelona’s Aquarium

Aquarium of Barcelona is the second largest touristic attraction in the number of annually visitors. Is in the Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell zone, on the Mediterranean Sea’s beach. At the Aquarium you can find 35 wells which are keeping more than 11,000 marine animals and 450 different species representative for the Mediterranean.

It is considered one of the most important exhibitions of marine animals in Europe because of the impressive collection. In an hour or two the tourists are invited to admire the sea animals from the Southern Hemisphere, the Mediterranean or atolls colonies from the Tropics.

Visitors can adventure through the tunnel with sharks, being surrounded by water and lethal aquatic animals. The variety of marine animals is very high and that’s why Barcelona Aquarium is a perfect tourist attraction to visit with family and children. All tanks are designed to reproduce natural conditions where are living the animals which are exposed. At the Aquarium there are the Piran fishes from the Amazon, caimans and over twenty species of penguins. Also, the children can learn more about marine life, oceanography, marine animals, they can paticipate to their feeding or they can play in a submarine specially arranged for them. If you are spending your holidays in Barcelona, visiting the oceanic metropolis is one thing that cannot be missed.

The Aquarium is open all year!  

It opens at 9:30 am and closes at 21:00 pm.
From Monday to Friday and on weekends and during holidays to 21:30 pm. In July and August Aquarium is open until 23:00 pm:).

The ticket prices are: adults- 17 €; children from 4-12 years- 12€; adults over 60: € 14.

Andreea Jugaru


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