10 reasons to live in Barceloneta!

1. Barceloneta is a quarter that was created at the site of a former fishing village. Even today, you can feel the magic atmosphere of the bygone time in its streets. In recent years, Barceloneta, however, has become a cosmopolitan area, which enjoys huge popularity among the tourists who want to spend their holidays in Barcelona.

2. Barceloenta is an upcoming area a good investment if you are thinking about buying. We think in 10 years it will be impossible to buy a flat here.


3. The location near the beach makes the area attractive for those who want to enjoy the sea during their Barcelona stay. However, there are not many hotels in this area. Renting a holiday apartment in Barcelona is thus one of the best options for those seeking an accommodation in Barceloneta.


4. Barceloneta that we offer are ideal for families. If you stay in this area, you will be able to spend your holidays at the beach, without having to live too far from the city center (Barceloneta is located only a 15 minutes walk from Las Ramblas). The area offers many recreational activities for families with children.


5. Here you have not only the opportunity to spend a sunny day at the beach and swim in the sea, but also to see a show in the IMAX 3D Theatre at Port Vell where many films for children are scheduled. In addition, you can visit the Barcelona Aquarium. In the largest aquarium in Europe, many events are organized for children.


6. Renting a Barcelona holiday apartment in Barceloneta families can be sure of getting an affordable and comfortable holiday apartment Barcelona.


7. At the same time, Barceloneta is also a very attractive area for young people.: Barcelona has a lot of things to appeal young people.

8. Barceloneta has a michelin star restaurant on top of the markets.


9. Barceloneta has many other nice restaurants where you can find from traditional food to all kind of new things you have to try.


10. It has everything. By the W hotel a huge shopping mall is going to be made. We have the best bakery in town, a great market and frisch fish.



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