Amazing old city¨¨ (Ciutat Vella)

Ciutat Vella (¨old city¨) is the no. 1 district of Barcelona located between the Mediterranean Sea and the l´Eixample neighborhood . Being considered the centre of the city, Ciutat Vella has the one of the most popular places in all Catalonia and this is Plaça Catalunya.

The administrative neighborhoods of Ciutat Vella are: La Barceloneta, El Gòtic, El Raval and Sant Pere, Santa Caterina & La Ribera.

La Rambla can be considered one of the most beautiful, famous and entertainer boulevard in the world. The Spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca wrote about La Rambla: ¨the only street in the world which I wish would never end¨ and we all have the same feeling about it.

In the 90´ was constructed the Maremagmum as a continuation of La Rambla, a wooden bridge into the harbor- Rambla del Mar. Close to this, there is Maritime Museum which offers a piece of naval history of Mediterranean. Here you could find as well nice avenues, restaurants, an IMSx theatre and The Aquarium of Barcelona.

Close to La Rambla there is the historical center with La Catedral de Barcelona, Gothic Cathedral seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona, Plaza Sant Jaume where is the Generalitat of Catalonia and Barcelona´s City council, also the Raval and Born areas.

A walk on La Rambla can be real adventure because this street is very crowded during the day and till late n the night. What you can find there usually there are a lot of kiosks that are selling from newspaper, sweets, souvenirs to flowers and birds. Also, the street is full of cafes, restaurant, shops and the most important there you can find a lot of amazing street performances.

La Rambla is giving you form historic buildings, Palace of the Virreina for example to La Boquieria market or the famous Liceu Theatre. Near there is Royal Squere, palm trees, restaurants and various bars.

Another thing that must be mentioned is the human statues, who can be dancers, magicians, musicians. 14 human statues where selected by the Department of Commerce and Tourism of Barcelona only for your entertainment.

This area is the oldest part of the city, it is the most vivid and without any doubt is the place where are most of the tourists coming. The area is between the large Eixample and the Mediterranean Sea.

Home to artisan workshops, unique shops, countless architectural treasures, and some of the city’s best museums, it’s easy to see why many expats are attracted to this dynamic barrio.

If you have an active life and you are enjoying being all the time surrounded by a lot of people, Ciutat Vella is the place for you. It may not be the most practical place for long-term living or for families as buildings tend to be tall, narrow and without lifts and the streets old, dark and impossible to get a car through (let alone park). But the area is full of atmosphere and great for young couples and single professionals.

The three areas of Ciutat Vella are: El Borne, to the north; Barri Gótic, the central Gothic Quarter; and El Raval, to the south. Through the centre runs La Rambla, Barcelona’s emblematic pedestrian boulevard, a hotbed of activity, ideas and people day and night.

El Barrio Gotico

  1. The original center of Barcelona.
  2. Hundreds of medieval, cobble-stone alleys and buildings.
  3. Numerous bars and clubs&vibrant nightlife.
  4. Nothing compares with a home in a ancient, romantic street, with musicians who are playing guitar.
  5. One of the area ¨en vougue¨ for living.

El Borne

  1. Narrow streets with bars, restaurants and boutiques converging on the beautiful Santa Maria del Mar basilica.
  2. The heart of the textile industry, the center of Catalan clothing design.
  3. Even is more and more attractive for the tourists is at the same time a place where you can life in peace and nice atmosphere.
  4. Hidden nice squares with an active nightlife.

El Raval

  1. This area had a bad reputation, but now is one of the most creative areas of the city with young artists, musicians and designers.
  2. Barcelona´s most divers area, living here is an adventure and a lesson of experiencing the diversity.
  3. It’s possible to find incredible flats in this area.


Andreea Jugaru


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