Barceloneta, from a holiday destination to a life term living


A lot of scandinavians, british like to live here lately, because of the beaches and not only, 30% of the people that are buying here are from abroad. The Olimpics changed the old port, it was been transformed in a beach. It is an up coming area, this is the reason for what it can be a good investment to buy a place.


Those who are looking for a flat here are people who are connected to the beach,  enjoy to socialize with the other foreigners. Many people are buying summerhouses here. When you live in Barceloneta you don´t have to get out of here, cause you can find everything here, form the hospital to the boquerias. 


No rich catalan people would live here. It is getting more and more safe, that is why is becoming also a place for family.

There is not a only touristic place, you can have here a normal life, intellectual one, cause Barceloneta can be beyond of a holiday destination.

1. Seaside Barceloneta is an undeniably great location.

2.  Has awfully cramped apartments that can be as small as 35 square metres.

3. There are also stylish apartments which line the promenade are newer and cost much more.

4. A street away, you can see fishermen’s cottages and is a remnant of the area’s fishing village days.

Andreea Jugaru


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