Gracia – being in and out of Barcelona at the same time!


1. Gràcia feels like a whole different town within the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. In fact, it once was an independent village, with the narrow streets and small plazas to prove it, but Barcelona swallowed it up in 1897.

2. These days, it’s home to countless sidewalk cafés and bench-lined plazas. Some of the city’s best tapas restaurants and low-key nightspots are here, as are alternative theatres and quirky shops.

3. The downside is that it can get unbearably noisy in summer because of noisy bars and thin walls.

4. Housing ranges from large sunny flats to cramped spaces that have been carved out of one-time private homes. Prices have rocketed in the past years.

5. Public transportation isn’t as abundant as in other areas, but a metro line runs through the heart of the neighbourhood.

For those facing a long driving commute or carting kids here and there, Gràcia isn’t the most convenient place to live, though its charm is unmatched by other barrios.

Gracia is an area with many boheme houses and apartments.  The people who choose to live in Gracia like the feeling of city like San Francisco centrum:)   Many cute boutique stores  NO starbucks:) but local cute cafes

Also Gracia has many nice local restaurents
Many of the people living in Gracia will stay in Gracia- Nothing like this.

The “main” street in Gracai is calle Verdi- how closer you are to thi sstreet how more Boutique it gets.  Calle Verdi has a cinema where there are all the movies in the language they were made, if its danish movie, you can watch it in denish with subtitle in Spanish.

Here is a link to a video from this street

Words about Gracia: cute, cosy, boheme, organic, vintage!

Andreea Juagru


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