The Common Sense of Investing

Following the headlines “future /collapse/uncertainity”of Euro zone, the entire world is on a frenzied search for answers, for what is obvious the Euro zone cannot collapse, its significance in the global economy is vital, quoted GDP( 2010) of $ 9.2 trillion.

Now where does Spain stand in the whole situation? The country’s economy is the fourth largest among the 17 nations that use the common euro currency and after many sources considering Spain’s bailout as one of the top EU agenda from the C100 billion bailout facilities; The economy is bound to lift itself in the future. One of the many reasons would be the city with the best airport in Europe, according to the Airport Council International. With the capacity to receive 55 million passengers per year, the leading European port in cruise traffic and the fourth base port in the world,Europe’s largest metropolis on the Mediterranean sea,the 4th richest city in the European Union and 35th in the world, with upcoming projects such as the Barcelona economic triangle, 22@ and BZ Innovació; Barcelona is truly a city to be embraced and invested on.


One precisely profitable sector of investment would be Real Estate, Bank ownership of property slows the national economy and re-releasing properties into the market is needed to reduce the weight of housing overstock on the nation’s economic engines. This means it’s a buyers’ market as banks are keen to offload their housing portfolios.

Does this mean that buying Spanish property now is advisable?

According to – Spain’s biggest English language property portal – prices are readjusting and likely to ‘bottom out’ this year, following the National Statistics Institute,house prices have suffered the largest fall since records began,prices have dropped 21.7 per cent since 2007.

The first quarter 2012 House Price Index revealed foreign purchasers from the European Union are continuing to take advantage of low prices to scoop up a bargain in Spain. 2011 saw a 27% increase in foreign buyers compared to 2010.  This is a significant rise.

Property in Barcelona is now finally providing value for money which was manipulated during the property boom, despite having the knowledge and information.

Investment is precarious and to put it simply,if you want to buy property in Barcelona,Casamona International Real Estate promises you to conduct the best bargain price in the market followed by the finest personal service catered to its customers.


About Casamona

At Casamona International we work hard every day to earn our reputation of excellence, so we can always offer you professional and personal attention in all aspects of buying and selling and renting your home with Casamona.
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