Upcoming events that you shouldn´t miss this week!

Of course July is a busy month for Barcelona when it comes to visitors. That´s why the city is taking full advantage of this popular month to show how amazing it is to all its visitors! And Casamona International would like to help a little bit by recommending you the nicest upcoming events for this week so that you will have an amazing week regarding events in Barcelona. 

Música als Parcs – Music in the parks

This is an annually event that takes place every year from the beginning of June till the end of August. During this festival there will be series of free open-air summer concerts in many parks and gardens of Barcelona. The music is a good mix of classic and jazz music. Barcelona City Council, organizer of Música als Parcs, choose for this program of summer concerts to bring good quality of music to everyone during summer. Also to you!

Classic concerts 

– On Thursday July 26th Berta Puigdemasa will give a concert at Jardins de la Mediterràna. And on Friday July 27th she will give a concert at Parc de la Ciutadella

Jazz concerts

– On Wednesday July 25th Virage Quartet will give a concert at Parc Joan Miró and on Thursday July 26th at la Plaça de Salvador Segui. 


Cinema a la Fresca L´Illa 2012 

If you like to watch movies, this event is perfect for you! Cinema a la Fresca is an open air cinema that takes place in the gardens ´Jardins de Sant Joan de Déu´. The theme of this year is comedy so that will promise you a night full of laughing.

On Thursday July 26th you can watch the movie Airplane at the open air cinema! 

To give you a little sneak preview:

´Ted Striker is an ex-pilot who´s afraid to fly because he got traumatized. But to get his ex-girlfriend back he forces himself to board a flight where his ex-girlfriend is serving on. Than the airplane crew gets ill because of food poisoning and Ted is the only person capable of landing a plane. But how would that work out if you have a fear of flying?´

This was just a little summary of really nice upcoming events. Let´s hope you will have a great time at one of the events Barcelona has to offer you!




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