Earn a little extra cash while you’re in Barcelona…


Barcelona boasts a large casino in a privileged area of Barcelona, known as “El port Olimpic de Barcelona”. The casino offers tourists with many, varied activities such as shows, live music and one of the biggest poker tournaments. You can also enjoy the food from the casino’s restaurants.

So what about poker?

A potentially attractive activity during your stay in Barcelona could be poker. The Texas Hold’em tournaments offer a wide variety of games that has enabled the Casino in Barcelona to become one of the most important locations for poker. National and international competitions are also held there. These famous tournaments include The Championship of Spain, the World Poker Tour or European Poker Tour.

After you’ve hopefully made some money, your next destination could be the restaurant. There you can try Mediterranean or Japanese cuisine.    Image

More and more fun

There is also a space to host parties and private meetings or enjoy dinner-shows. This could be a family activity, where the children can participate as well as the adults. This room becomes a disco on Fridays, Saturdays and on the eve of public holidays with free entry from the Casino. Famous singers also regularly come to perform small concerts.Image

It’s time to switch off the light now

When it comes to having a rest after such an exhausting day, why not choose one of the amazing and luxurious apartments that Casamona has to offer. You can look at these at casamona.com. There are numerous bright, modern and stylish apartments with sea views, which will help you make the most of your stay in Barcelona.

So, what are you waiting for?!


About Casamona

At Casamona International we work hard every day to earn our reputation of excellence, so we can always offer you professional and personal attention in all aspects of buying and selling and renting your home with Casamona.
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