Exploring Barcelona with the Casamona team!


The best views of Barcelona can be found only at Tibidabo. Tibidabo is located in the Collserola park, which forms the boundaries of Barcelona, a city between the mountains and the sea. So, firstly, before you arrive in Barcelona, you should book an apartment on casamona.com, where you will find a wide selection of bright, nice and stylish apartments with amazing views. After you settle into your apartment, pay a visit to Tibidabo, a place which offers a beautiful view of the entire city, as it is located at the highest point in Barcelona. Also there is a small but very beautiful church. Tibidabo gives you the most incredible view of the city and getting there is really half of the fun!

The Casamona team decided to go there because we don’t want to miss out on anything Barcelona has to offer! We packed our lunch, water; put on our most comfortable shoes and we met in Plaça de Catalunya at 11am. We then took the train L7 (brown line) until the last stop called “Avinguda Tibidabo”. From there you can choose one of the several ways to get to Tibidabo, either an hour and a half’s walk, biking or taking the bus and then a funicular (a type of cable car that goes straight to the top of the mountain).


Why not walking?

Tibidabo is located in the Collserola, an area with many logging roads through forests, where you can escape the tarmac of the city for a while, get a change of scenery and relax. Therefore, we strongly suggest going by foot. All you have to do is to follow the signposts all the way to the top. Our trip was adventurous and quite demanding, so we recommend only undertaking this challenge if you’re quite fit! Here are some photos with Casamona team.


Mountain biking

Another exciting way to get on the top is mountain biking. You can cover large areas of the mountain of Tibidabo and Collserola Park where you can ride and admire the sights of the city from above. You can start at the end of the route of Tram Blau, round trip by road from the Aigües (not circular). You can also get on the road Vallvidrera old Vallvidrera Barcelona and from there, the source of Budellera, go to Les Plans and then up to Tibidabo, down the Collserola communications tower and return to the city.

The funicular

If the other options don’t really appeal, you can also take the funicular, which will take you all the way to the top of the mountain. It costs 4 euros, and another 2 euros to take the elevator if you want to go all the way up to the church. The funicular is definitely the easiest and the fastest way to get there!


Finally, we arrived!

From the top you are able to see everything from a more impressive perspective than any other point in the city. Besides that, there is an amazing church, dramatic statues and mosaics. Also, there are a number of different amusement park rides,  such as a ferris wheel and roller coaster. In short, Tibidabo is an absolute must-see for anyone living in Barcelona!

Have fun!!! 


About Casamona

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