Upcoming events for this week in Barcelona

Every week in Barcelona has something special, but this week you can do various activities, like going to the beach to play soccer, watching a movie outdoors, going to watch the football match of FC Barcelona, seeing a meteor shower of shooting stars or if you like to party more and to have fun with your friends you can join the people who are organizing the BCN Bar crawl.

  1. BCN Bar crawlImage

If you are looking for Barcelona nightlife, this is the way to experience it. The Barcelona night crawl lasts 7 nights per week. Every night people will gather in a bar at Plaza Reial and then visit 4 bars and one night club, keeping on partying until they see the morning light. And there is one fact that Barcelona has more bars per square foot than anywhere else in Europe.


2. Jazz concert

Enjoy the jazz music on the roof terrace of La Pedrera/ Casa Mila building in Barcelona! “La Pedrera presents summer jazz concerts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, starting from 21st June to 8th September 2012. Concerts start at 20:30. So, it’s a must-see as you can enjoy jazz music at high altitude.


Image  3.  FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

Buy tickets to the Spanish League games! And take part in the exciting action during the match of FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad that will take place at the Camp nou in Barcelona on the 19th of August at 9pm.


Image   4. Open air cinema

The summer outdoor short film evenings will be played on Montjuic hill in Barca and you shall not miss them.  This event is organized by “The International Short Film Festival of Barcelona”, and takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8 pm to mid night. After the short films you could explore the clubs from Poble Espanyol.


Image   5. Las Lágrimas de San Lorenzo

“Las Lágrimas de San Lorenzo” is a meteor shower of shooting stars. It takes place in 12th and 13th of August every year in Spain and around the world. You can see an impressive night time display of shooting stars, called “the Perseids” meteor shower. But if you want to have a whole view of the stars you should scan the sky without using a telescope or binoculars – just with your eyes. The shooting stars can go in different directions and be anywhere in your field of vision but if you are patient then you will see one for sure. There are several places in Barcelona where you can see the meteor shower.



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