Ice Skating in Barcelona

patinar-hielo-barcelona-800x534If you are someone that winter and Christmas makes you think of skating, we leave some suggestions of places where wear skates and enjoy like a penguin!

Ice skating in shopping centers

Shopping Centers are typical places where you usually install temporary ice tracks. Some of the most famous and popular are those of La Maquinista and Pedralbes Centre (now you see that we go from one end of the city and in two different environments).

As for The Machinist, you have the advantage of being able to go there by car and have free parking. Also many days you can skate for a very low price of only €3. Other days: 6 €.

In Pedralbes Centre they are experts in this ice skating, nothing strange considering carrying sixteen years placing a track ice outdoors at these times of year. You can find it just behind this glamorous shopping center in the upper part of Barcelona.

The usual urban ice track, but in a different place

BarGelona, ​​urban ice track that year after year we had in the heart of Barcelona full Plaça Catalunya -in this year has moved to La Farga de L’Hospitalet. It is worth approaching (by metro it is a quick trip) and also you will find a nice novelty: an ice slide with a roof!


Ice rinks are still dressed in a Christmas Style

There are classics that never fail. One, in Barcelona, ​​is the Skating. Although entry is not exactly cheap (about 14 € approximately, including skates), but you can still find on its website and on their social networks discount promotions.

Another classic is Barca Ice Rink. It’s located near the Camp Nou, so you can feel the atmosphere of the Barcelona Football Club. The prices are very similar to those of Skating.



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